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    Anabaptist History (Day 11) The Birth of the Amish

    Sermon Index

    by Sermon Index

    This message was day 11 in a 5 week session on Anabaptist History.

    [Opops... I had the wrong date in my computer.It is January 2012 not 2010]

    In this message the birth of the is Amish is discussed. To discuses the beginning of the Amish revival movements around Zurich and Berne are discussed including early Evangelist like the converted Lieutenant Heinrich Frick and Ulrich Müller. Finally the Amish-Mennonite division of 1693 is reviewed including the issues that were part of the division.

    Toward the end of the lecture the class is encouraged to discuss among themselves their thoughts on church discipline and shunning.

    I should mention that this is not an "officially released video." I recorded this mainly for my use on my website and for others who might have an interest in one of these areas. Special thanks to Sermonindex who was gracious enough to allow me to upload it and special thanks to Faith builders for tolerating me these 5 weeks :-) The views that I present in these message may-or- my- not represent the views of either of these fine ministries. :-)