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    Wahabi Dhamal Dance-Slap to Touseef ur Rehman Najdi


    بواسطة GhulameAwliya

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    who says all arabians are true Muslim.. they are just wearing same dress that's it...
    بواسطة Mfarooqiالعام الماضي
    What this Moulana is saying is true, and what you shown in this video are also true, are you unable to understand this truth? Dancing, music, and all the stuff shown in the video is haram, that's what this Moulana is saying, I am saying truly, Moulana is right and you are wrong. Go and read Quran and Sunna of our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) and find right path. Don’t waste your time in creation of these videos, if you are true Muslim then go and guide those Muslim who are coming all this wrong things, which are prohibited in ISLAM.
    بواسطة dm_50648da0855a13 سنوات
    who ever do the thing which are against islam are the same in Sin. and there is nothing to do from this video with Tauseef ur rehman. idiot.
    بواسطة KamranEhsan3 سنوات