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    ScrippsONE:DTW | WMYD Detroit | WXON TV20 January 1986

    Carlos Planas, Jr.

    by Carlos Planas, Jr.

    ScrippsOne ID Number: 85327925974

    An ident for WXON-TV20 on January 5, 1986. This particular piece came following a Red Wings broadcast in which they beat the Toronto Maple Leafs, 6-5 at the old Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto. The original video was uploaded by YouTube user TelevisionDetroit. The differences between this presentation and the original -- is that only the logo is shown and it has been cleaned up, brightened up with bass and treble added to the sound. Also, a custom background surrounding the feature presentation, inspired by the layout of the startup screen of the Super Game Boy for the Super Nintendo. I call it, "Super ScrippsBoy"!!!


    WXON Detroit: January 5, 1986: Red Wings Pregame