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    6-Year-Old Boy Had LEGO Piece Stuck in Nose For 3 Years

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    6-Year-Old Boy Had LEGO Piece Stuck in Nose For 3 Years - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Foreign objects can sometimes make their way into the human body, especially if the individual is an inquisitive young child. A 6-year-old, Utah boy had a LEGO piece resembling a tire removed from his nose, after the toy had been stuck there for an estimated three years! Isaak Lasson doesn’t recall putting the LEGO in his nose, but his parents claim that he began suffering from sinus problems when he was three years old. Isaak’s father says “You ask yourself, 'Am I a bad parent because I didn't catch it sooner?' But the doctors just kept prescribing antibiotics, we just didn't know.” Now that the LEGO tire is out, Isaak is more energetic, and is breathing and sleeping better.

    In a similar incident, a 76-year-old British woman accidentally swallowed a pen in 1986. Initially hospital staff couldn’t locate the pen through scans and x-rays, until 25 years later when the pen was finally discovered by a gastrointestinal specialist. Not only did the woman survive the removal surgery, amazingly the pen was still in working order.