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    CGRundertow PILOTWINGS 64 for N64 Video Game Review


    by CGRundertow

    Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow video game review of PILOTWINGS 64 for Nintendo 64. Pilot Wings 64 was a launch title for the N64 released in 1996. To appreciate Pilotwings 64, its imperative to consider the era in which it launched. The Nintendo 64 released to retail in 1996 as one of the most technologically advanced gaming consoles ever made, hailed for simulating reality as much as playing video games. Nintendo hastened that hype by launching the system with two games sure to dazzle consumers with their unprecedented three-dimensional levels, and although the game with the red-capped plumber stole the show, Pilotwings 64 was an equally impressive technical showpiece. Thankfully, its also a pretty impressive game, mixing lifelike flight simulation with a slightly exaggerated arcade feel. Developed by Paradigm Simulations, a visual technology company which had previously focused on training simulators for clients such as the Department of Defense and NASA, Pilotwings 64 shines with the highbrow experience of its creators. Of course, since Nintendos own Shigeru Miyamoto was one of them, aiding in development and producing the game from Japan, Pilotwings 64 is also as fun as it is technically striking. Essentially a spiritual forerunner to modern Nintendo titles like Nintendogs, Electroplankton and, more implicitly, Wii Sports Resort, Pilotwings 64 was a casual game before the industry coined the term. Comprised of several individual missions and objectives, few involving more than merely flying through rings, popping balloons and snapping photographs of scenery, the game simulates and encourages free flight through its tremendous 3D environments. More about breaking free of boundaries than enforcing them, it was a truly pioneering effort. A decade ahead of its time, there had never been a game quite like Pilotwings 64. This CGR Undertow video game review of Pilotwings 64 has video gameplay from Pilot Wings 64 showing Pilotwings 64 game play on N64.