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    Doctor-Recommended Vitamins


    by Roboticoncology

    Dr. David Samadi, the nation’s top prostate cancer surgeon, helps simplify vitamin usage and touches on the most important supplements for men and women. Multi-vitamins are a great way for men and women to get the supplements they need in just one pill. Dr. Samadi suggests a few extra vitamins that are helpful and safe. COQ10 is a great way to improve systematic levels and reduce inflammation, he says, which can help prevent heart disease and reduce risk of heart attack. Xanthigen is a weight loss vitamin made of seaweed and pomegranate extracts. Taking 200mg three times each day, about 20 minutes before meals, can help you lose 5-10 pounds. Dr. Samadi encourages women to take extra Vitamin DS and Calcium, and suggests that men add Selenium for prostate and bladder health.