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    Epsilon Management Capital_ Epsilon Enhances Consumer Database with Market Trend Data

    Eadger Goldston

    by Eadger Goldston

    Epsilon, the giant marketing analytics and email marketing technology provider, yesterday introduced the latest addition to its TotalSource Plus consumer database, the Market Trend data dimension.

    Using a set of compiled data elements about consumers, Market Trend helps marketers identify potential customers whose behavior is most similar to existing customers based on a predictive score.

    "Starting with data from our survey-based data set, Target Source, which contains behavioral data about people, such as frequent debit card users…we use our profile modeling capabilities to find look-alikes for debit card users across our nationally compiled file," explains Laura Lucido, senior product manager at Epsilon. "It gives marketers tools that exist within our data sets without having to actually build a custom predictive model."

    In contrast to Epsilon's broader offerings, such as income or age-based models, the Market Trend dimension is "exciting because it gives us a way to offer marketing information that's very focused for a specific behavior in a vertical," Lucido adds.