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    Ragnar di Marzo

    por Ragnar di Marzo

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    Before we don't see each other anymore
    In the last summer together, four friends agree that they’ll always be in touch, however already feeling that they are gliding apart. They are actually testing the thin line between love and friendship. Rosemary makes love with Omar in the apartment she shares with her boyfriend Mathias. Mathias discovers them when he comes in very early in the morning, kissing Isabelle. They are now rivals but do not want to let go of each other.

    Omar is on his way to Turkey for military service, but acts like he is off for vacations. Rosemary feels betrayed. Isabelle and Mathias want to make a morbid exhibition about death. But they need a corpse, where to find one? Isabelle works for home help service and knows that an old man that had suddenly died in his apartment. She seduces Mathias to the idea to go there and together take macabre pictures of the dead man.

    Later Mathias meets old friends. They decide to steal a sailing boat, hide a young Rumanian refugee from the police and offer him a refreshing summer vacation in the Swedish archipelago. But as usual in this story, nothing turns out as planned and new complications arise.
    The film is in swedish without subtitles