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    MAIN STREET TWO - "Nobody's Fault But Mine" (Cover of "Blind" Willie Johnson)


    by DexterTrail

    The public at large will likely know Led Zeplins's iconic intro to "Nobody's Fault But Mine", but few if any know that the song is in reality a cover song. Albeit an amped up hard rock version, but a cover none the less. The original version dates back to the 1930's and a blind preacher.

    "Blind" Willie Johnson was born with sight, but in the vein of The Brothers Grim he had an Evil Step-Mother. In a spirit of spite, she blinded her husband's son for the sins of the father. Later in life, and being a devout believer, "Blind" Willie thought that his soul would be doomed to hell of couldn't read. And like Frederick Douglass, he sought his letters where ever he could, because if he didn't learn to read, it would be "Nobody's Fault But Mine".

    Recorded live at the one an only Big Easy Lounge in located in the historic Charles Inn, downtown Bangor, Maine.

    Main Street Two:
    Bill Thibodough
    Jeremy Shirland

    Audio Recording:
    Alisa Wilbrink

    Dominic Wilbrink