Store Clerk Calls Customer 'Honey', Gets Punched

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Store Clerk Calls Customer 'Honey', Gets Punched - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

Aren’t customer service personnel supposed to be friendly? Apparently one Connecticut man was upset over a store clerk’s sweetness. While purchasing some items at a 7-Eleven convenience store, 52-year-old David Wright questioned the store worker regarding product prices. Wright was not happy when she replied to him and called him “honey”. He warned the employee not to refer to him as “honey” again and allegedly reached over the counter and punched the woman in the face. Another patron threw Wright out of the store, however the clerk obtained a partial license plate number and called police. He was later located and arrested.

Store clerks deal with angry patrons on a regular basis. This past April, an Arkansas man was arrested and charged for attempted aggravated robbery. The suspect allegedly entered a local J-Mart store and demanded money from the cashier while using hot dog tongs as a weapon. When the employee refused to give him the cash, he chased a patron around the shop with the tongs.