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    Woman Evades Police While Driving Topless

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    Woman Evades Police While Driving Topless - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    A surprise rendezvous with your partner may sound romantic, but for one Florida woman it turned out to be disastrous. 35-year-old, Mandy Ramsey allegedly led police on a vehicle chase because she was driving topless.

    According to reports, the Fort McCoy woman was speeding late Saturday night in an effort to surprise her partner when police tried to pull her over. Realizing her compromising state of undress, she continued speeding the Ford F-250 pick-up, running a stop sign and hitting an oak tree. The officers found the vehicle parked near a mobile home with an oak tree leaf stuck in the broken mirror.

    She’s not the only one to be arrested without a shirt on. A woman, who was caught stealing diapers from a Philadelphia store, got into a physical altercation with the security officer and ran away topless. The guard was able to grab hold of her shirt, but she wiggled her way out of the garment.