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    Dr Cary Chousky


    by ChouskyCentreToronto

    QUALITY OF MY LIFE HAS IMPROVED!! '' I had some real problems with my balance, I was falling, I was having a lot of trouble with leg pain, neuropathy. I couldn't sleep at night and I came to see Dr. Chousky and the quality of my life has just been improved so much because of the course of treatment and exercise that has really just improved everything to the degree that I really enjoy life again. Kit S - Toronto

    Lois - Retired - Toronto

    THE ISSUES ALMOST COMPLETELY RESOLVED!! I began a series of treatments and by the end of the treatment period the issues had been almost completely resolved. I rarely get these sensations anymore and when I do they are considerably less than before. And now 3 months later I'm just having another check up and everything seems fine and I'm quite pleased with the results Mike - Consultant - Burlington