Liu Xiang Falls Out of Race

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In the Olympic men's 110 meter race, Chinese runner Liu Xiang took a tumble. Liu didn't even make it over the first hurdle before he was on the ground, clutching his right leg.

After the other racers passed him by, Liu seemed unable to stand. He hopped, one-legged, off the track.

But he didn't stay out for long.

As a tribute to his fans, Liu, still hopping and still in pain, hobbled back to the track after his fall. The runner kissed the last hurdle then crossed the finish line to a resounding ovation.

His competitor, Balazs Baji of Hungary, raised up his arm in a sign of championship.

Liu has had problems with his Achilles tendon before. In 2008 his right Achilles tendon took him out of the race in the Beijing Olympics. Although it was properly treated, the injured tendon has never fully recovered.

In both races expectations of Liu Xiang were high. In 2004 he won the gold medal in his division, the first that China had ever received in Track and Field.

He is one of China's best known athletes.

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