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    Yang Style Tai Chi Form Exercise One

    John Hine

    by John Hine

    Hi my name is John Hine, welcome to Hine Tai Chi. You will find a host of ways to learn Tai Chi and Chi Kung on this site. From weekly classes, to workshops and DVD’s, there is something for everyone from beginner to advanced instructors.

    Research around the world has shown that Tai Chi Reduces Stress, Anxiety and Builds Immunity.

    It improves everyday physical functioning, improves cardiac health and generates a feeling of well being.

    It also alleviates the symptoms of many diseases including, helping reduce chronic pain, Lower Back Pain, aids Arthritis, helps lower blood pressure,. And as if that is not enough helps you sleep better too.

    If you find it difficult to stand two of my DVD’s even show you how to gain the benefits of doing Tai Chi while sitting down.