Episode 9 - Busking in Australia - Last stretch home - Hobart/Sydney (English Version)

June Caravel
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Busking in Australia - Episode 9 - Last Stretch Home - Hobart/Sydney (English version)

To busk (/bʌsk/) intr.v. busked, busk·ing, busks. To play music or perform entertainment in a public place, usually while soliciting money.

June Caravel is parachuted in Australia, a country she's never been to.

Rule n°1: She can only use the money she earns while busking to eat, sleep and tour Australia.
Rule n°2: She must be back in Sydney to catch her return plane 2 months later.

It's the last stretch home and the last week of June Caravel's busking tour in Australia. After a few days in Sydney where she performs for the first time in a venue at the Town Hall Hotel, she is invited to perform at the Festival of Voices in Hobart in Tasmania. She makes 2 concerts there. And the Saturday night finishes on a little rock'n'roll dance session. Back to Sydney where June busks for the last time in Pitt Street and North Sydney. It's time to catch the plane back home to Paris. The bet is won. June has managed to busk her way around Australia in 2 months!

Filmed by Moéa Neuville and June Caravel.
Edited by June Caravel.
Produced by Paris upon Thames Ltd.

Copyright Paris upon Thames 2012.

'Primavera', "I can't hold inside", "I'm gonna put some make up on", "London Song"
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Great work Joy. You sure made it over in Tasmania!!
Par jdhartil il y a 2 ans