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    Meet The Harguns (A Wedding Antaakshari)


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    If you understand Hindi (or Punjabi), you would understand the great nature and fun of video.

    And indeed, it is a video of a wedding of great nature and fun, of people who are my friends, who are from my own community and family of neighbors and relatives, those whom we've grown up and gone to school with together. Therefore, this is an advert about the story of my people. We're fun! We're good looking! and We ain't shy to dance!

    This video isn't about cinematography, it is however, about story-telling and emotions.

    Oh, by the way, an 'Antaakshari' is an Indian musical game whereby two groups of people compete by singing songs. First I will start by singing any song I like, and then you must sing any song which must start with the same letter of word that my song ended which. It's simple, everyone ought to play this game!