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    Fluke Ti32 Infrared Camera Ease of Use


    by dm_5020feb00b496


    Fluke Ti32 Ti 32 Industrial Commercial Thermal Imager Infrared Camera
    The Fluke Ti32 is a new and improved high performance thermal imager that is even more easy to use and rugged than is predecessors.

    The new Fluke Ti32 features a powerful 320 x 240 sensor into the rugged, award winning design of the Ti10 and Ti25, producing the first high performance, industrial grade thermal imager. The result is detailed, strikingly crisp images that, coupled with Fluke's patented IR-Fusion, are inevitably going to make a lasting impression.

    Easy to use

    Field replaceable batteries provide maximum flexibility wherever your work takes you.
    Intuitive 3 button menu is so simple to use you can navigate with the use of a thumb.
    You can record your findings by speaking into the imager, thus eliminating the need for writing.
    Voice comments can be saved with each individual image for future reference.
    Emissivity correction, 1 handed focus capability, transmission correction temperature compensation, and reflected background increase the measurement accuracy in most situations.
    Adjustable hand strap for right or left handed use.
    Everything is included that you need to get started.