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    I can't be hypnotised a hypnotist told me so

    Debbie Williams

    by Debbie Williams

    1 634 views, I can't be hypnotised is something many people believe. They may of been told they are un-hypnotisable by a hypnotist. Or even 2 or 3 hypnotists who are supposed to be experts in their field. Birmingham based hypnotherapist Debbie Williams has heard this often. Many of the clients referred to her over the years by Paul McKenna had seen 2,3,4 hypnotherapists previously and decided to contact Paul McKenna as he is regarded as the most well known hypnotist in the UK. Debbie assisted Paul McKenna on his hypnosis courses and his NLP practitioner and master practitioner courses as well as being a trainer for him, she would have people referred to her from Paul who had contacted the office wanted to see a hypnotherapist.