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    News Bulletin 3 August 2012 -- The Christian Institute


    The BBC watchdog has said Jeremy Paxman did cause offence by talking about "religious hogwash", and saying that "stupid people" believed in a literal understanding of Genesis -- A Government advisor has run into controversy by saying evangelical Christians are like totalitarian Muslims -- Primary school storybooks which promote gay marriage may be pushed into classrooms if marriage is redefined in Scotland -- A senior activist in the Scottish National Party has resigned over the party's push for gay marriage -- Meanwhile in America, a multi billion dollar fast-food chain has been attacked for opposing gay marriage -- New research says that fathers who lovingly bond with their babies in the first months of their lives have a good influence on their child's later behaviour -- A Viking longboat has sailed up the River Tyne in Newcastle to thank the people of Northumbria for sending them the missionaries who brought Christianity to Norway 1,000 years ago.