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    Det faller en dröm

    Ragnar di Marzo

    por Ragnar di Marzo

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    A fallin dream
    A drama with surrealistic touches about two women struggling for freedom and a stranded film team shooting a film.
    Lorena’s last hope to get her father’s attention is staging a fake kidnapping in the woods with the help of her boyfriend. When the police gets involved and starts a massive search, Lorena decides it’s time to find her father for a confrontation. She hurries in the middle of the night on a country road when suddenly a car stops and a man tries to rape her. In self-defense she kills him with her pocketknife. Then she actual disappears and her boyfriend is forced to go alone to the police and explain about her real disappearance.

    A team, shooting its film in the woods, is in crisis. The team’s strongest members have different versions about what really happens with the young woman’s disappearance and want to change the script.

    Meanwhile there is another woman; she is struggling alone against the wishes of her family. She has secretly applied to an art school in Paris and has been accepted. But nobody takes her artistic aspirations seriously and her decision to follow her dreams falls like a bomb. Her parents exert emotional pressure and her boyfriend gets violent. Suddenly, she gets help from the woman formerly disappeared in the woods, and now mysteriously back.
    The film is in swedish