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    Deep sea obelisk. Alignments to Giza Stonehenge and Xi'an.


    door sea-obelisk

    "Deep sea obelisk" I found in the middle of the ocean. And its position in relation to 3 sites on earth with some of the oldest structures known so far.
    Stonehenge in the UK
    The great pyramid at the Giza plateau in Egypt
    And the earth pyramids at Xi'an in China.

    The distance to the locations is quite remarkable.
    Giza is almost exactly on the other side of the planet. 20.000km
    The distance to the Xi'an pyramid is about the same as the diameter of earth.
    And to Stonehenge it is just 24km more than precisely 16.666,66km

    Also I measured the obelisk more accurately. It's 4100m from the seabed, and 1200m below sea level. And the hole that goes in the ground at its base is 12km below sea level. The sea floor is at 5100m below sea level. It width is only about 150 to 250m.

    The video is a recording of these measurements.

    If there really is something there resembling the data in GE, it is the confirmation of the already known proof of advanced technological capabilities in acient history. Like Giza, which is not build in the age of the Pharaohs. And build with such precision that is, to this day, not reproducible. Also it is a demonstration of the knowledge they had back then about the earth its shape and measurements.