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    Truth at Last - Understanding The Realities Of Government


    by dm_500334169992d

    Do you really know what the United States is? What it was? Is it, or was it ever meant to be, a "Democracy"? Has there ever been a stable democracy in history? Are democracies ever the most 'free; form of government?

    This video is for those who want to learn the truth they have never been taught in public schools.

    Abraham Lincoln suspended the Constitution of the United States in 1871. He did this because, during the civil war, the Confederate States basically had won, having captured Washington DC and burned the capitol to the ground. Lincoln reconvened a government of the Northern states, but did so under corporate business law, rather than the previous Constitutional law. The Constitution was suspended. This was supposed to have been an emergency measure, for the duration of the war. But the people "in charge" afterward found it easier (and more profitable for them) to continue with corporate business law, rather than operate under the constraints of the Constitution. We had been under a non-Constitutional 'emergency government' ever since. And it has been a disaster.

    Until now. The Constitution for the United States is on the first steps to re-establishing a legal, legitimate, and fully Constitutional government of the United States, for the first time since 1871. The for-profit temporary government of the UNITED STATES INC will no doubt continue to exist for some time to come, in spite of the fact that it is now hopelessly bankrupt, corrupt, and doomed to failure.