Richard Dawkins - The Virus Of Faith


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Documentary - The root of all evil? Part 2

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hey dude u r awesome anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? !
Par HotAnnalyn18f il y a 3 ans
Super video Merci heh :o ,,,.........
Par lovelygirl143 il y a 3 ans
You're channel is unique. ..i feel lonely though.. :)
Par sarah123123 il y a 3 ans
Not sure if Dawkins do know what he is talking about. The old or the new testaments are not a source for Islam. Not at all. All these discrepancies and issues assigned to the Prophets of God in the Bible that Dawkins is relating shows that many parts of the Bible got corrupted over the years. In Quran the Prophets have a high status and are role models.
Also, it's not true that all religions take you away from science. Islam asks his followers to read, see and experience and do science. Muslims when they were real Muslims had many many scientists. Dawkins was talking about the clash between science and Christianity and then he generalizes this clash to all religions. Is this a scientific way????
Par billyorleans il y a 4 ans
Good video, Richard Dawkins is a good man. But maybe he is too hard with religion. Because the real problem is fanatics who use politics.
@tolgaiscan is not a radical, we need people like him. All is make by god? If he still trust scientif, he have all right to think that! So no mass murderer @surangasa lol I know its hard, fanatics have money and stupidity of people for them, and its alot.
@Acreator, yes Dawkins come from christian philosophy. He never deny it. I think he respect him for the good things it did. But unfortunatly he is true, the future will need less and less blind believer.
@Loveinpeace, I think you are the away from reality lol Why cant you see rose as pretty as they are? You need a god and a miracle to see her beauty? School teach critic spirit in france, and its all wht need student. More belivers become atheist with this spirit than atheist become belivers. It because science is right until now.
Par sandro26 il y a 4 ans

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Richard Dawkins - The Virus Of Faith