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    The Funniest videos of Children - Funny baby videos

    Tiến Phạm Vietstudent

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    The Funniest videos of Children - Funny baby videos:

    1. Charlie Bit My Finger! -- Number One Baby Video on YouTube!
    2. "I Don't Like You Mommy" -- most watched talking toddler on YouTube.
    3. Baby Dancing to Beyonce!" -- The 3rd most watched baby on YouTube.
    4. Baby Laughing at Wii! -- try to watch and not laugh.
    5. Baby Laughs at Paper Ripping! -- who knew paper could be so much fun!
    6. Mommy's Nose is Scary! -- the most recent viral video on YouTube.
    7 One Funny Baby -- A YouTube Favorite.
    8. Cute Toddler Sings "Hey Jude!" -- Paul McCartney would be proud.
    9. Four Laughing Babies -- Quadruplets in Unison.
    10. Kung Fu Baby! -- also known as the Ninja Baby.