Facebook IPO stock investors shafted by evil Zuckerberg

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Facebook is killing its investors. When Facebook had its IPO on May 18, shares opened at just over $42. Now you can grab Facebook stock for the low, low price of just $19.99! The best that can be said about Mark Zuckerberg is that he was greedy and incompetent for overpricing Facebook's IPO.

We say he's evil.

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One has to wonder how much deception Zuckerberg and his bankers engaged in to drive the IPO price so high. Facebook's growth at the time of its IPO was flat, and mobile wasn't working. Now Facebook has admitted that 83 million or 8.7 percent of all Facebook accounts are fake, and the company faces claims that 80 percent of clicks on Facebook ads are coming from bots.

You have to be one cold, evil f----- to inflate your shares to more than $42 when they probably are worth about $7. Fortunately, the market will take care of Zuckerberg. Unfortunately, that won't help the investors he conned.