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    Joke Explained (read) Complete Apology With Full Text of Video Deemed Offensive


    by JayHind

    "No comedian/humor writer likes to explain a joke. But when you are getting 2 death threats every minute (for 36 hours non-stop), when you are faced with that Universal phenomenon of 'offense has been taken' for 'hurting sentiments of a community', when your lines are being taken out of context to present a scenario of hatred and the resultant hate speech generated against you (irony, anyone?) gives you vivid descriptions of how your mom was fucked and how you'll be killed soon, a comedian has to step aside and let the failed humans we all are take the stage.
    So yes, it's a failure that we couldn't make that sketch (featuring the great Fauja Singh ji) foolproof enough to avoid such anger. And at the onset, an unconditional apology for hurting the sentiments as a result. Fauja Singh is one of the greatest, most spirited athletes our world has ever seen and there was no intention, hidden or overt, to insult him or the Sikh community. If it came across as that, then it's a pity (and we are sorry for that, again) as the intention was to poke fun at a lot of other people who have hurt the Sikh Community worldwide since 1947. (Yes, it still baffles us that how can the video be interpreted any other way. But we'll let this bafflement be a demon we'll fight alone in the years to come.)
    And unconditional apologies for the last scene in the sketch where Fauja Singh's character played by our actor is shown being run over by an animated truck. In hindsight, we agree that was tasteless and unnecessary. We shouldn't have done that. (But again, finding political/religious meanings in that visual is uncalled for. Tasteless doesn't equal agenda-driven.) We also might add that many characters in the 300 odd episode history of Jay Hind! have been run over by a similar truck including our anchors & even the Beatles as they were crossing Abbey Road. But apparently the Beatles were not part of a minority community so no one really cared.
    We will copy the script of the much hated video here, and try to explain the joke we attempted. Heartfelt apology is already there, and the video has been unlisted, and you can go back and lead a peaceful, happy life if you don't want to read further where we try and 'explain' the jokes we attempted and so miserably failed at.
    Again, we are no enemies. Just a bunch of politically aware people making satire to please our conscience. Our targets are politicians, film stars, and other people in positions of power. Not communities, not great, honest heroes like Fauja Singh. And we make fun of people in power, the establishment, 'cos in such bad times, that's all a humor writer can do. You may disagree with our satire, find us unfunny, but blaming us for a planned sabotage of the Sikh religion, and telling us that we will be killed, is not what we deserve. Hope you watch the entire video for the line by line script explanations. Sorry again."
    -- From The Entire Team of Jay Hind!