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    iPhone Tripod Mount Demo | iPhone Tripod Mount Review

    Ray Lane

    by Ray Lane

    iPod Tripod Mount Review
    In this video I shot at the local fair, I used my iPhone 4, the PocketPod iPhone Tripod Mount, the mini tripod and a monopod. The video shot with the iPhone Tripod Mount looks great and really does make a huge difference over shooting handheld. The footage is more stable and the shooting was much easier to handle.

    The PocketPod iPhone Tripod Mount was created because the iPhone takes amazing video, but unfortunately it is very difficult to create a shot that isn't shaky. The PocketPod iPhone Tripod mount allows you to get a stable video, while still being extremely portable.

    We have packaged the PocketPod with an iPhone Lapel Mic to create the ultimate "Pocket Video Producer" kit.

    To get your Pocket Video Producer Starter Kit - The iPhone lapel microphone and iPhone Tripod Mount for only $49. Simply click this link:

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    iPhone Tripod Mount Demo, iPhone Tripod Mount Review