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    Would You Like to Cashout Everyday?

    Michael Rodbort

    by Michael Rodbort

    Ever wondered if you could earn money while doing absolutely nothing? There is an easy way: Start using internet sensation Just Been Paid.

    I know. You are probably thinking, it's just another one of those weird long-term investment plans that takes years to set-up and decades to get money from.
    You'd be wrong: once you invest, you will get your interest back...daily. Where most banks will give you a sad little interest payout at the end of the year, for 81 days per investment, Just Peen Paid will give you
    • 2% interest per working day
    • 1,5% interest during weekends
    • paid out daily
    It's not just for the big wallets either. You can even invest in tiny amounts; the lowest investment you can make is only $10 and you get a daily interest of 2% a day!

    About Just Been Paid
    How does it work?

    You will be using Just Been Paid's (JBP) Trippler program, designed by Fredrick Mann.
    In short, you lend Just Been Paid your money (which can be as little as $10) and ask them to pay it back within 2,5 months, but with 2% interest. Just Been Paid can use that amount, but has to pay you back on a daily basis, rather than at the end of the 2,5 months.

    So, if you were to purchase one $10 Just Been Paid position, you will start earning $0.20 every day for 81 days. At the end of this period you will have received your money back at 150%!
    • Purchase 1 JBP position ($10), receive $15 (earning $0.20 a day)
    • Purchase 10 JBP positions ($100), receive $150 (earning $2.00 a day)
    • Purchase 100 JBP positions ($1000), receive $1500 (earning $20.00 a day)

    The longer you wait… the more you LOOSE. GET STARTED NOW!
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