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    Bank of America Merrill Lynch to reduce the development of sea-profit measured target price to 6 - Blogger


    by alanisflue


    Bank of America Merrill Lynch report looks at the development of the ocean police, expected results to your first half loss, weakly demand, production overcapacity and high fuel costs together with other factors.
    The line looks at the local coal shipment business still face issues, expects second-quarter rebound catastrophe, the bank lowered the 2012-14 year the firm net income forecast, 2012-14 net gain of 300 million yuan that will 341 million yuan 1.484 thousand yuan and 1.855 thousand yuan, supervisor of net income estimate revisions, price aim for reduced from 7 yuan that will 6 yuan, June e book ratio of 0.7 times historical numbers of 2012 and 2013 profit on equity forecast.
    Bank of America Merrill Lynch said of the fact that book ratio of 0.thirty seven times historic lows, still not up to the trough in ’08, a 45% discount so that you can attractive valuations, maintaining some “buy” rating.(M)