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    2 Of my favorite numbers right now, Are 79 and 80!!!

    GIjoeFan1976 Ruks II

    by GIjoeFan1976 Ruks II



    GIjoeFan1976 Ruks II
    @ Christian Jones Awe thanks glad you think I am funny:D it was also a inside joke as My sister Melissa and her husband Glenn who's BBQ if not both that were used they have cooked the legs and even posted pictures of them and other animals but I won't get into them as maybe to graphic to share;) but at least they are feeding and taking care of there family as you know how needing money goes:(,,Ha ha yeah glad they looked good and for I think not having anything on them? they did taste good:D,,awe nice glad you like the new dog child:D Yeah it was very nice and glad everyone came together to make it all happen:D Oh thanks I hope so and part 2 is posted so hope to see you soon:D,,oh yes ha ha and thanks I want that too and after part 3 I will try to get all videos caught up or maybe do old video new video and so on so that your wait seems less long:D
    By GIjoeFan1976 Ruks II3 years ago
    GIjoeFan1976 Ruks II
    @1of3knights:D Yes thanks it is pretty amazing!!!! Oh yes you bet and pretty great that at least 24 people liked it:D Ha Ha yeah I like that:D Awe well thanks that is what makes you so great, the fact that you like and want to know my whole family:D Yeah Cool yep now you have a few more faces to go with the names:D Oh yay glad I could help you with those two H's:D,,,yeah;),,yes okay sounds like a Great Idea, Deal , and away to connect videos:D,,,hmm okay I will have to look up banoffee pie,,,ooh okay cools thanks:D oh and maybe not as cool but found out I can do some pretty cool captions with windows movie maker now, weird? Oh yay glad I could give you that Chuckle:D Tanks Again for everything:D
    By GIjoeFan1976 Ruks II3 years ago
    Christian Jones
    ha ha barbeque frog legs your funny!!!!:) they do look good though ha ha!!;) i likes the cute new dog child and all the birthday balloons:) who ever made the happy 79th birthday balloon specialy for your nan was real nice!:) hope i can get back on for when you post part 2!!:) and yours and daves other videos i still wants to see what dave was like when he was drunk ha ha!!!;)
    By Christian Jones3 years ago
    Yay thank goodness for your grandpa recovering and being able to be out n about for his 80th birthday with you all and also of course for you being there filming it to share it with us here! :D ooh so now we know it was from your grandpa Calvin that you got your camera filming skill genes ;)! I feel so very lucky to be able to watch this n say to myself "awe wow I've actually met Jennifer and Pamela and your Dad and a few of the little ones of your family!" :D ...and now seen a few more I've not seen like your brother James and your nice grandma :D! the sights n sounds of your family barbecue makes me happy and hungry heehee! yummy tofu dogs ;) ooh and maybe one day we'll have to try a hot dog and chicken (boneless of course ;) wrapped in a steak! ;) :D the dessert looked kinda like a banoffee pie to me ;) I like banoffee pie :D! hehe you know I liked your rhyming and new style annotations and I also had a chuckle at the shy balloon ;)! :D!
    By 1of3knights3 years ago