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    iPhone Tripod Mount & iPhone Lapel Microphone Kit | iPhone Lavalier Mic

    Ray Lane

    by Ray Lane

    Phone Tripod Mount & iPhone Lapel Microphone
    The iPhone has a great HD camera for taking beautiful videos. The only limitations are keeping the image stable, and recording great sound. Sadly, most microphones that you can buy do not work with the iPhone or other smartphones. They require a certain type of microphone, or an adapter.

    This is why I have put together a simple and exciting package. The Pocket Video Producer Starter Kit, which includes an iPhone Tripod mount and iPhone Lapel Microphone. The iPhone Tripod mount attaches easily to most consumer and professional tripods monopods and image stabilizer units. This mount will easily hold the iPhone and most other smartphones. The iPhone tripod mount also comes with a mini tripod that you can use on a table or desk for a quick, stable interview.

    The iPhone Lapel or Lavalier microphone is an omnidirectional, condenser mic that works with iPhones and other smartphones. Simply plug the iPhone lapel microphone into the headphone jack and you are ready to go!

    Best of all, when you purchase the iPhone Tripod Mount and iPhone Lapel Microphone, you will also receive a copy of the full Pocket Video Producer training course, due to be released in a few weeks (retail price of $99). This course will teach everything you need to know to create high-end videos using only your iPhone or other smartphone! This includes shooting techniques, software, designing graphics, editing the videos and distribution - all from within your iPhone or other smartphone.

    To get your Pocket Video Producer Starter Kit - The iPhone lapel microphone and iPhone Tripod Mount for only $49. Simply click this link:

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    iPhone Tripod Mount & iPhone Lapel Microphone