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    Classic Game Room - LAYER SECTION for Sega Saturn review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews LAYER SECTION for the Sega Saturn. This space ship shooter from Taito is a Japanese release and the console version of the Japanese arcade shooter, Rayforce. Layer Section is also the same game as the American release, Galactic Attack (published in the U.S. by Acclaim). Play as one or two player (in co-op) and waste wave after wave of enemy spacecraft as they attempt to destroy you. Blast them with weapons which can be powered up or lock on and destroy them with guided lasers. How does one guide a laser exactly? Layer Section has remarkably smooth, well-rounded and complex gameplay allowing players to rack up points in a variety of ways. Locking on to numerous targets at once increases the multiplier for each ground target. For example you get(200 points for a single lock-on target being destroyed, 6200 for seven lock-ons at once and so forth. Extra space ships are awarded at 500,000 point intervals. End bosses are challenging and require a combination of straight gunfire and locking on maneuvers to be destroyed. Layer Section is a Japanese exclusive release that can be played on American Saturns with a 4 on 1 card. The cheapest and most accessible way to play this game is by finding it's twin, Galactic Attack. This CGR review of Layer Section has gameplay from Layer Section for Sega Saturn, one of the best SHMUPS on the console. Layer Section is an arcade-style, top-down, vertical scrolling space ship shooter.