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    Classic Game Room - TENNIS review for Atari 2600


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Activision Tennis review. Classic Game Room reviews TENNIS for Atari 2600 from 1981 by Activision. Tennis is a fun two player game on Atari 2600 but fails to deliver real single player action because the computer is smarter than you are. It's like playing chess against HAL 9000. Enjoy this competent programming effort that looks like real tennis with somewhat life-like players holding tennis rackets as they bat the ball back and forth across the lush, grassy tennis court. CGR Activision's Tennis video review features Tennis video game gameplay on Atari 2600. Select from four modes of gameplay (two single player and two 2-player modes) and choose your difficulty (A or B) as your compete to become the tennis pro champion in 1981's TENNIS for Atari 2600.