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    Nearly Enough Remix

    Marc van Woudenberg

    door Marc van Woudenberg


    2 commentaar

    Marc van Woudenberg
    thanks for joining, Conkling. You're right, we're all (well, most) taking our micro-moments for a spin around the block. btw, you may like to join us at vlogeurope, with a 'bonus' flashmeeting every week.
    Door Marc van Woudenberg10 jaren geleden
    Ralph Buckley
    These days creativity is coming from all different directions...even just a little conversation in a club, with a good groove and a loop...ta da...every thing we do is creative, every moment is potential waiting to be in the moment never looked so good.........this vlog is cool(sounds cliche but who cares) vlogging is bliss!!!
    Door Ralph Buckley10 jaren geleden