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    Grace Mandela feat. Dj Ironik & AYO - Deejay (Official Video)



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    Grace Mandela, at only 24 years of age, is without a doubt, a name to look out for this year. Originating from South Africa half Angola,

    as a descendent of former President Nelson Mandela, the young star has always had a musical influence, and has been singing and performing since the tender age of 7.

    After years of perfecting her craft as a child, Grace began a career as a gospel singer in the UK. Her star sounding voice soon attracted the attention of Tutala Makoma,

    a record industry executive, and owner of West Coass Records. Mr Makoma first heard Grace sing in a church in London and directly saw a bright future for the newly formed pop singer.

    Grace later signed to West Coass Records in 2011, and wasted no time to record the debut single; Deejay.

    This catchy, futuristic sounding record features UK chart topper DJ Ironik (#5 UK CHARTS) and the award winning, french, Africa sensation Fally Ipupa (MTV/BET award winner - worked with the likes of R Kelly, 50 Cent).

    Grace has tour dates booked throughout the UK and Africa, and the next few singles currently in the making. Prepare for take off, as this is just the beginning of a long-lasting, successful career for the star.