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Meshkin carpets are of high quality, as they have an average of 30 Raj (knots). The weavers utilize strong colors such as powerful blues and dark red. Other colors include green, olive green and navy blue. In fact, a unique characteristic of these rugs is their uneven coloring. Meshkin carpets are tribal rugs that utilize geometric patterns. Among the geometric patterns, diamond medallions are very common in the design of these rugs. The size of most of the Meshkin carpets is mid-size, though they are available in different sizes.

They utilize rough wool, and have a thick and tight pile. The knot used by the weavers is the Turkish knot. The weavers use sturdy knots while making Meshkin carpets. The weave is usually tight and utilizes the best dyes and wool. The warps are cotton, while the weft may be either cotton or wool. Thus, these rugs are durable because of their tight laces, knots and pile. In addition, because of their striking designs, these rugs have a beautiful appearance.

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