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    Android Lust - Stained


    This video has been age-restricted based on our Community Guidelines

    Android Lust is the Industrial solo project of Shikhee, combining elements of rock, industrial, gothic and classical styles into a blend of music that she describes as "electronic and dark." Her music is embraced by the gothic culture for its themes of hurt, loneliness, lust, rejection, impatience and anger, though Shikhee dislikes the 'goth' label.
    "Stained"by director Dan Ouellette (whose credits include production design on David Bowie's "Dead Man Walking" video), has received regular airplay on music video shows and channels across the United States, as well as 120 Minutes on MTV Latin America and Australia's music video show "rage".

    Additional Live Members:

    * Christopher Jon: Drums, Keys, Backing Vox
    * Bret Calder: Bass, Guitar, Backing Vox
    * Jason Locke: Keys, Guitar, Backing Vox