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    by dobrovlaw0550

    Click or call 415-885-5030. Welcome to the Law Offices of Michael L. Dobrov, we are a San Francisco based Law Firm providing counseling and legal representation to individuals and families with Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Administration as well as Estate Taxation.
    With our knowledge of Tax and Wealth Planning protecting the transference of your wealth can be complex and requires thorough preparation. The transferring of an individual’s Wealth is unique for every situation.
    Our Professional Trustee Services will preserve and grow your trust. Michael Dobrov has been active as an estate and trust professional for over 20 years and has the skills and the knowledge that is specific to the trust industry. The Law Offices of Michael L. Dobrov will provide the objectiveness, the independent management that is required as well as provides the safeguards to protect your beneficiaries.
    At the Law Offices Michael L. Dobrov, before recommending the most appropriate estate plan, we take the time to speak with and understand the hopes and concerns of every client. Our personalized attention enables us to create comprehensive estate plans based upon the client’s wishes and family situation. Our office will work with you to protect your loved ones and preserve your assets. We service San Francisco, San Francisco Bay Area, San Francisco County, Silicon Valley Area, San Mateo, San Jose, Santa Clara, Alameda, Mountain View Berkeley, Oakland Hills, and Sausalito.