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    My Old Friend: Pepper the Bad Dog Tribute


    by MacaroniMan17

    Watch on YouTube:

    One of the dogs you may know from the Bad Dog video [] as well as irrelevant background appearances in some others, died on Friday the 13th of internal bleeding from the pancreas. This dog was an inspiration if not a contributor to this very special thing I was doing with my Life that I'm not yet at liberty to discuss; so what I'm trying to say is that he was unique, and also that I have a verified right to assume so. His personality was also funny, yet he was loyally obedient in comparison to the other dog , Zoë (who is doing just fine without him it seems). Uh...he was scared of noises and eats animals he catches whole. I'm not going to type you everything I want to say about him, because it would most assuredly be my longest description ever.
    These few simple pictures, Were the least that I could do, To show the world, That you were heeeeeere
    Song which will likely be muted is a somewhat shortened/sped to 3:00 version of "My Old Friend" by Tim McGraw, which beat out about 20 other potential songs in a multiple day elimination. This is my first FULL video with animoto - requiring an upgrade, and exported to YouTube from there - though some basic pre-editing was done on the individual clips. Also my first tribute video. Goodbyeeeeeeeee.