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    Dropcam HD Review


    by DadLabs

    Epsidoe 883. Daddy Clay checks out the new Dropcam HD. This mini camera is directly integrated with your iPhone or Android. So any where in the world where you have cell phone service, you can see the camera view. 

    The system is very easy to set up, and has features such as DVR packages and event alerts. The camera has clear night vision and can be set to only record when movement or sound has been detected, making the Dropcam HD a great alternative to a traditional baby monitor. One new feature is the "talk back" function. You can interact with what you are seeing on screen because the camera has a built in speaker and microphone. With a current price point starting at $150, this Dropcam HD with all of it's features is a great value. 

    Do you have a Dropcam or home surveillance system? How have you or would you use a Dropcam? Hop over to the forums at and join the conversation. Thanks for watching!Distributed by