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    Lucie the Labradoodle - Broken Arrow Dog Training


    by TipTopK9

    367 views Lucie is a adult labradoodle that was a rescue. Her family sent her to us for some obedience training. She's a super sweetie but needed some manners!

    This video is shot at a park in Broken Arrow, Lucie had never been there before but because of her training she was a good dog and had no problem listening in a new place!

    Our dog training goals for familys here in Tulsa, Oklahoma are dog obedience, offleash obedience, and manners. We want Lucie's familiy to be able to take here anywhere and everywhere offleash! This video shows one of her trainers doing just that, working her off leash in a new place to showcase her training.

    Please visit us online at for more info on how to train your dog to be like Lucie in just a few weeks!

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