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    Sizes of Qoum carpets are relatively small or medium, depending upon design. Because of the delicate nature of the weave textures, the Qoum carpets are usually hung on display, and are never used as floor rugs. These are among the finest and most expensive carpets in production in Iran, and the designs are crafted with care and attention to finest detail.

    The Qoum carpet designs are usually very detailed and have high standards of knots per square inch. The knots usually range from 120 up to as high as 842, depending upon the skills of the weaver. Silk being the most expensive of materials to produce carpets with, this type of carpet grows more and more valuable as time passes by, and the combination of high quality materials with high quality artwork is indeed the determining factor in its overall value. The attention to detail and the craftsmanship styles of the Quom carpet elevates its pricing to one of the highest standards in the world of carpets.

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