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Wadadda - Empiyah

il y a 5 ans72 views

Wadadda from Cologne got heavily addicted to Soundsystem music and Bass culture in
the early 90s during a two year stay in London. After returning back to Germany he
and some friends decided to build a Dub studio in Cologne. With this studio, now
known as Tabanackle Dub Chamber, Wadadda started producing music inna roots and
digital style, heavily inspired by the sound of UK Dub as well as veteran Dub
engineers like King Tubby, Jammy, Scientist, Lee Perry, Wackies and especially
the late 70s/early 80s sound of Channel One.

Together with friends from Cologne and Berlin he runs a self-built soundsystem and
organises dances at the DubClub Cologne, keeping the dub soundsystem culture alive
in Germany. Over the years, Wadadda played lots of dances presenting his own
Tabanackle Players productions mixed with new material from the UK and vintage
Roots and Dub.

Mid 2006 Wadadda was introduced to Dubstep sound. By that time he read an article
about Berlin based Producer DJ Maxximus, discovering he was an old schoolmate from
back in the days and linked up with him. Inspired by people like Digital Mystics,
Skream, Kode 9, Youngsta, Forensics and many others he started creating his own
style of Dubstep or Dreadbass, whatever you want to call it.

Deadly Wadadda killahs are already out on MG77 and Police In Helicopter and have
been championed by the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs, Channel 4 Radio and SPEX.

contact: myspace.com/wadadda