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    Using ‘Social Bookmarking’ as a KILLER Blog Marketing Tactic


    by angelvideos12

    Social bookmarking websites are becoming more and more popular. They allow you to store bookmarks online and Tag / categorize them with keywords rather than save them as Favorites in the list of bookmarks of yourbrowser.

    This is particularly useful when based the browser favorites have become difficult to manage. It will also help since you can access your bookmarks from any computer where you have a connection to the Internet.

    I have compiled a list of websites from a number of sources-social bookmarking. You Can see it it here:

    Once they have been marked, you can view, sort by category / keyword, as well as see the links of others who have been labelled as yours.

    RSS feeds for each category that you subscribe to will also establish “a.” This notifies you of new links in their areas of interest. The collection bookmark / RSS becomes visible to others who can also copy your Favorites to your own collection. So now you can aggressively promoting to your RSS feed to RSS, syndicate them search engines and directories and make them available to a much wider audience.

    One other cool thing about using this tool is that Social bookmarking sites also help you meet others who are interested in the same topics that are and that may have knowledge of web-based resources that do not.

    On the social bookmarking sites, you must first create an account. Then mark the interesting and useful things in the area of your interest or expertise. This creates a useful feed. Be sure to add useful and interesting items that could use additional exposure, from their own content.