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    Colorado Victim Says He Forgives Shooter

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    Colorado Victim Says He Forgives Shooter - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    The Aurora shooting during the midnight release of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ left 12 people dead and 58 wounded. One of the victims of the attack has told reporters that he has forgiven the shooter, and hopes one day to meet him face to face and express his forgiveness. 28 year old Pierce O’Farrill said he forgives his attacker and wants to pray for him. O’Farrill will be telling his story at three church services at the Edge Church at a middle school in Aurora. O’Farrill was shot by virtually all of the gunman’s weapons, a shotgun, AR-15 rifle and a handgun, and told interviewers that he remains an advocate of the second amendment to the constitution which gives citizens the right to bear arms. He was shot twice in the foot and one time in the shoulder. The court hearing for the shooter is ongoing and prosecutors are trying to decide if they will ask for the death penalty. O’Farrill is against such measures saying: “I don’t think he should have the death penalty – life in prison would be a more suitable sentence.”