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    "Adventures of Power" (Subtitulado en Español)

    Ari Gold

    by Ari Gold

    17 004 views

    "One of the funniest films in recent years" - New York Magazine

    "Spinal Tap-caliber! Writer-director Ari Gold (real name) stars as Power, whose compulsive air-drumming to classic rock makes him village idiot of a New Mexico copper town beset by labor strife. Fired from the mine and estranged from his union-leader father (Michael McKean), he sets out to conquer big-league air-drumming in New Jersey. Bizarrely imaginative sight gags and laugh lines are timed like Neil Peart solo, but the film also inexplicably succeeds as a melodrama and a heartfelt pro-labor statement. The wonderful cast includes the sublime Jane Lynch and a raft of people we should have heard of already."
    - The Chicago Reader

    Adventures of Power premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and won the top Audience Awards at the Vail and Memphis Film Festivals, and the Grand Jury Prize at the both the TriMedia Colorado Film Festival and the San Antonio Film Festivals, Best Comedy at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, and was ranked the best US comedy by audiences at the Karlovy-Vary International Film Festival.

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