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    Ocean Adventure - Sea Lion Marine Patrol

    Johnny Smith

    by Johnny Smith

    Ocean Adventure is a unique place to visit. Situated on the edge of the rain forest at ilanin Bay (subic bay), has everything you wished for to see live sea animals, fish (including tropical) and sea creatures of all shapes and sizes.

    The main part of this resort is watch two spectacular displays which are:

    (1)- Sea Lion Marine Patrol.
    (2)- The Dolphins Display.

    The dolphin show itself is a must see and action packed display providing an overwhelming feeling of both excitement and astounding wonder just watching these animals enthralling the crowds. There are other displays and action packed themes at Ocean Venture, each of which will make your day a special one to remember for always.

    I hope you enjoy the two videos I have uploaded of my visit to the Ocean Adventure and will check out some of my other videos online. One such special video is of me an Englishman singing a tagalog song called 'Nais Kong Malaman Mo' with more to follow soon.

    Please feel free to add any of my videos to your Facebook etc and provide the world with an insight into the marvelous and fantastic places to both see and visit in the Philippines.

    God Bless the Filipinos...!

    Johnny Smith UK