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    Hong Kong protests Chinese Communist educational brainwashing

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    Hong Kong parents, teachers and students protested in the streets this weekend. Protests stemmed from the government's attempt to introduce Chinese national education to schools in Hong Kong.

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    China's plan to introduce a 34-page handbook titled "The China Model," has enraged the people of Hong Kong. The book describes the Communist Party as "progressive, selfless and united." The completely skips major events like the Tiananmen Square crackdown.

    The people of Hong Kong feel like the government's plans are forcing a pro-communist party outlook upon the youth of Hong Kong. In the streets protesters carried signs reading, " We don't need no thought control!"

    Things were only made worse when Jiang Yudui, the chairman of a pro-China group in favor of the new curriculum, suggested that problems with the brain meant it "needs to be washed."