Lament By Arnaud Quercy & Friends (J.J. Johnson) - Month 31 Piano Jazz Project

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I guess that one of the very important step in the life of any musician in the learning is to play with a band. To confront oneself with the idea of sharing the act of creation by leveraging from each others is most definitely a milestone.

First, I wanted to enlist some of my good friends to form a small band for the occasion. The idea was to try a low profile recording of a few tunes, with nothing more than a few iphones and mics hooked to my computer, a piano (which unfortunately suffered to be poorly tuned... lesson learnt on my end, I'll check out when tuning takes place before booking the studio)...well, you get it, nothing fancy.

In my quest of learning the piano and sharing the progress to you on youtube, the other idea was to keep the session as genuine as possible. Lament by JJ Johnson is a song that I had played quite a few times this year, but never with this formation. This recording is our 4th attempt to play it and a discovery for both Constantin and Martin.
I'm sure that with more time it could have been much improved and fine-tuned, but somehow, I preferred to keep it simple and fresh, not overworked, may be in the spirit of what Jazz is all about... An improvised free-fall gathering friends who enjoy the idea of testing their limits, of having fun, yet with the aim to best deliver what they love...a moment of music.

So I'm immensely proud to present to you my friends, Martin Ferreyros (Guitar), Constantin Aubry (Bass) and pascal Crozet (Drums) and would like to take this opportunity to thank them for accepting to play the game all along. I would also like to extend my thanks to Oscar from the Union des Musiciens de Jazz at the "Frigo" studios who graciously helped us getting the equipment set up that day.

Hope you'll enjoy.
Bless you my friends - Arnaud

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