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    Bradley Associates witness hackers in action at Hackers Conference

    Abney Associates

    by Abney Associates

    Bradley Associates witness hackers in action at Hackers Conference
    In this first of its kind conference in India, Black hat hackers drawn from around the world will demonstrate how they access a victim’s personal information, and even confidential data available on the Android cell phone. The conference will be held on July 29 at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi.
    To bridge the knowledge gaps, Black hat hackers from across the world who have been invited to the conference will demonstrate their talent. Calling it a unique event, organizers believe that the best of the minds of the hacker world and leaders in the IT security industry will meet face to face to address the most topical issues of the IT world. “And the knowledge of hackers gets recognition and be used by cyber-crime specialists not just to check crime but also to generate positive ideas in the field of the Internet,” a Bradley Associates press release read.
    The conference will see a galaxy of renowned speakers presenting on 0-Day Vulnerabilities, Exploits and Android/Blackberry/iPhone Hacks. Apart from Speakers presenting on WI-FI and Web Application Security the Special invitees from government Intelligence agencies will also speak on National Security Issues emerging from Scada Hacking.
    Challenge Security Team, which includes Sina Hatef Matbue, Farhad Miria and Arash Shirkhorshidi from Iran will deliberate on the topic “GraVitoN: Cross Platform Malware”. Graviton, they claim aspires to become an artificial creature which can move between world of windows, world of apples, and world of emperor penguins, etc., and remain stealth. “We believe as this project grows, security professionals will have a better and deeper understanding of how viruses, trojans, etc. work, so they can fight and protect themselves against those, and they can even create ‘white viruses’, to spread and fight against malicious viruses, effectively,” the press release informed.
    Maintaining that a wide variety of services is being offered on the mobile platforms without proper security implementation, Anurag Kumar Jain and Devendra Shanbhag from Tata Consultancy Services will deliberate on the topic, “Mobile Application Security Risk and Remediation”. They will highlight the need for application security in mobile applications, the threats in a mobile environment, key security issues that can creep in mobile applications, and suggests a secure development approach which can possibly safeguard mobile applications from becoming “sitting ducks” for attackers and mobile malware.
    Chris ‘Ch’ Russo (Calcium Information Security, Argentina) will discuss the topic, “Black Arts of Automated and Remote Exploitation”- the presentation shows and demonstrates the mechanisms, including passive and active detection systems, drive by download and drive by cache techniques, geolocation libraries implemented, Obfuscation and encryption techniques, and the selection on the fly of the most convenient exploit for each case.